Chris Rijk
As a conceptual artist masquerading as a potter, I produce a continuous stream of hand-built ceramic pots.

They are, as opposed to what the traditional shape might suggest, decorated with unmistakably contemporary, figurative imagery, texts and photo collages on subjects such as the online pursuit of love, the secret visual language of social media, pseudo-profundity and the quest for a super efficient, super vulnerable and super authentic life. Subjects that are connected by the ever expanding and on rushing but ever so fleeting digital world.

Against my better judgement I vigorously resist taking part by not using a mobile phone, but more specific by working with a material that is at odds with the digital revolution:

Ceramics is slow, it’s tactile, uncertain and effortlessly stands the test of time.

In 2021 my pots are fragile objects to -possibly- showcase flowers but in 2821 they will turn out to be a helping hand for the anthropologist: vessels in which our culture is stored, being exhibited as unbreakable time capsules on the Early-Antrhroposcene department of the archeological museum of a distant future, where they paint an incomplete, wrong, and very personal picture of our ludicrous, undeveloped, primitive and ignorant times.